Our services can be divided in 3 main groups: psychiatric services, psychotherapy services and TMS treatment for depression. Psychiatric services include psychiatric consultations; psychopharmacology; medication management; treatment of depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, ADHD in children and adults; mood disorders; anxiety; eating disorders; psychiatric clearance for employment, psychiatric clearance for gastric bypass surgery; psychiatric clearance for cosmetic surgery; forensic psychiatry, PTSD testing and evaluation; disability evaluation. Our psychotherapy services include: individual psychotherapy, marriage counseling (couples therapy), family therapy, group therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, addiction counseling, loss and grief counseling, children therapy, art and play therapy.

In our McMurray location we offer TMS Treatment for depression – We are the FIRST practice in Pittsburgh to adopt TMS as a non-invasive treatment for depressive disorders. TMS is used for patients who are unable to tolerate medications or not responsive to medications.

Please meet our physicians and counselors!

We accept most major private insurance payers, and government payers Medicare, Medicaid (Allegheny county) and Tricare.

We currently accepting new patients at all locations and you will be welcome. Please call CCCA location closest to you to speak to our administrators and make an appointment!