Crossroads Counseling and Consulting Associates, PC is a healthcare organization providing comprehensive psychiatric and mental health services. We are currently located in the Greater Pittsburg area.

Our Medical Director Jasbir S. Kang, MD is affiliated with the following hospital and medical centers:

  • St. Clair Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA

Dr. Kang has over 30 years of experience in treating psychiatric disorders in both hospital environment and office based practice. Meet Dr. Jasbir S. Kang

Our outpatient practice is a perfect setting for follow up on your inpatient stay, new psychiatric consultation or results-oriented psychotherapy.

Our primary focus is well-being of our patients and we are committed to providing Professional, Compassionate, Confidential Psychiatric and Mental Health Care. At all locations we offer psychiatric consultations; psychopharmacology; medication management; treatment of depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, ADHD in children and adults, mood disorders, anxiety, eating disorders; psychiatric clearance for employment, psychiatric clearance for gastric bypass surgery, psychiatric clearance for cosmetic surgery, forensic psychiatry, PTSD testing and evaluation, disability evaluation; individual psychotherapy, marriage counseling (couples therapy), family therapy, group therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, addiction counseling, loss and grief counseling, children therapy, art and play therapy.

Majority of our therapists have extensive experience counseling patients with different issues based upon both stressful life circumstances and medical or psychiatric disorders. Our therapists pride themselves in giving undivided attention to each and every patient and meeting everybody with unconditional acceptance.

Psychiatric care expertise. Confidentiality. Non-judgmental acceptance, whatever your problems and circumstances may be.

Come as you are.

We currently accepting new patient at all locations. Please call CCCA location closest to you to speak to our administrators and make an appointment!