TMS Cost and Financing

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How much does it cost?” – This is the number one question we receive from our patients and their families when they are considering TMS Therapy.

Costs of a course TMS treatment vary from patient to patient. It will be determined upon the complete evaluation and prescription of TMS treatment. Major cost-defining factors are length of treatment and response to therapy. We provide assistance and guidance to obtain an affordable payment solution to receive TMS treatment. When considering costs of TMS Treatment is it important to remember how much you or your loved one can be missing in life due to drug-resistant depression. TMS may be the only way for someone with drug-resistant depression to win in ongoing battle with depression and its debilitating symptoms.

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Several financing options may be available to assist you with this portion of the treatment:

NeuroStar TMS Therapy® may be covered by your health insurance provider on a case-by-case basis. The NeuroStar® Reimbursement Support Program offers several services to assist you in obtaining coverage and reimbursement for your TMS Therapy, if you qualify for participation. The NRS is staffed by trained case managers to help you with the reimbursement process. We will work with NRS specialists and will provide all necessary clinical documentation upon request. Learn about NeuroStar® Reimbursement Support Program >>

New therapies like NeuroStar TMS Therapy often are not included in health insurance plans when they first become available to patients. It usually takes time for health insurance plans to establish coverage policies for newly approved technologies such as NeuroStar TMS Therapy.

In the meantime, out-of-pocket payment for NeuroStar TMS Therapy may be required.


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Clark helps clients obtain financing for every type of adolescent and adult behavioral health program: Clark helps clients obtain financing for every type of adolescent and adult behavioral health program, both outpatient and residential, short-term and long-term, intervention and aftercare: therapeutic boarding schools, military schools, special needs schools, wilderness programs, residential treatment centers, weight loss centers, eating disorder clinics, addiction treatment, and elective or alternative medical therapies. They specialize in TMS Treatment financing so with our referral you won’t have to explain WHY you need financing for your TMS therapy. Learn about Clark Financing >>

NeuroStar® Reimbursement Support Program

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Fax: 1-866-307-1339

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When considering the cost of TMS Therapy, it is important to consider

the quality of life costs due to your depression.

Learn about the device TMS NeuroStar >>

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Check if your medication manufacturer has PATIENT ASSISTANCE PROGRAM and if you qualify for it. A patient assistance program provides prescription medicines to patients in need who do not have prescription drug coverage or who are underinsured through either private and/or government health plans. Each pharmaceutical company determines the eligibility criteria for its patient assistance programs. Almost all PAP’s require proof of income; application can be completed by patient or patient advocate. Please visit Patient Portal section to learn how to apply.