Psychotherapy: what can it do for YOU?

Psychotherapy is a process of treating psychological disorders and mental distress. During this process, a trained psychotherapist helps the client tackle a specific or general problem such as a particular mental illness or a source of life stress. Our therapists have extensive training and experience and are very familiar with common sources of stress in life, wither it is a relationship problem, major medical condition, loss and grief issues or post-traumatic stress. There are many specialties in psychotherapy, many approaches and even more benefits of psychotherapy. Our counselors use a wide range of techniques and strategies. However, all types of psychotherapy at CCCA involve developing a therapeutic relationship, communicating and creating a dialogue and working to overcome problematic thoughts or behaviors. Our caring therapists employ techniques focused on experiential relationship building, understanding cognitive distortions, communication and behavior change that are designed to improve the mental health and well-being of a client or patient, or to improve group relationships (such as in a family).

Our therapists help patients effectively deal with depression, anxiety, change or loss of employment, codependency, divorce issues, emotional abuse, emotional trauma, sexual abuse, separation anxiety, mood disorders, marital problems, physical trauma, medical issues, and emotional aspect of substance abuse and relapse prevention. In therapy our patients have great success rate in developing coping skills, interpersonal communication skills, parenting skills, assertiveness skills, decreasing anxiety, improving family communication, decreasing family conflict, changing or eliminating destructive behavioral patterns, improving low self-esteem.

Psychotherapy and counseling can be implemented as a part of healing process after Primary Care Provider referral or self-referral. It also can be a great addition to medication regimen in helping you to get your life in balance.

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Check if your medication manufacturer has PATIENT ASSISTANCE PROGRAM and if you qualify for it. A patient assistance program provides prescription medicines to patients in need who do not have prescription drug coverage or who are underinsured through either private and/or government health plans. Each pharmaceutical company determines the eligibility criteria for its patient assistance programs. Almost all PAP’s require proof of income; application can be completed by patient or patient advocate. Please visit Patient Portal section to learn how to apply.