Psychiatry Therapy in Pittsburgh

Professional, Compassionate, Confidential Psychiatric and Mental Health Care

Professional, Compassionate, Confidential Psychiatric and Mental Health Care Crossroads Counseling and Consulting Associates, PC is a healthcare organization providing psychiatric services, mental health care and breakthrough TMS treatment for depression. We currently have 3 locations throughout Greater Pittsburgh area. We are the first and ONLY provider of TMS Treatment for depression in Pittsburgh/Western PA!
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Choosing a Psychiatrist or Therapist in Greater Pittsburgh Metro Area

Need Psychiatric or Mental Health care? Recently relocated to Pittsburgh? Following up on hospital stay? What to consider when you are looking for a psychiatrist or a therapist. At CCCA we have boards certified psychiatrists, psychologists, licensed counselors and clinical social workers so we can manage your mental health care most effectively.
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TMS Therapy for treatment of drug-resistant depression

TMS treatment offers an alternative solution for patients whose long-term major depression can’t be treated with antidepressants. Don’t give up hope if numerous antidepressants have not helped! TMS changes lives of patient after decades of suffering from major depression. TMS was approved by the FDA in 2008, let it help you beat your depression.
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Facts about ADHD in children, teens & adults

Learn how early diagnosis can help you child’s development. If you think your child may have ADHD get help now! Talk with your child’s doctor or nurse. If you have concerns about ADHD, you can take your child to a specialist such as a child psychiatrist or developmental pediatrician.
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Post-tramautic Stress Disorder

CCCA medical and clinical staff are committed to helping our veterans with PTSD upon their return from service. We understand that easing back into every day life can present challenges for the veterans. We are here to help veterans and their families to make a transition.
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Psychotherapy: what can it do for YOU?

We offer individual psychotherapy, marriage counseling (couples therapy), family therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, loss and grief counseling, children therapy, art and play therapy. Our patients report tremendous improvement in quality of their lives. How can YOU benefit from therapy? Read on!
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Patient Disclaimer & Privacy Notice

CCCA, PC website is designed to help our visitors and patients learn about our services and our practice, mental health and psychiatry. Information on CCCA, PC website is not intended to provide any specific medical advice and we urge you to consult with a qualified mental health or health care provider for diagnosis and for answers to your personal questions. If you feel any of the information regarding mental heal disorders may apply to you please contact out office for appointment.

State and Federal laws require us to maintain the privacy of your health information and to inform you about our privacy practices by providing you with Patient Privacy Notice.
This Notice outlines typical uses and disclosures of health information; your privacy rights as our patient and how to contact us regarding any questions or complaints you may have. You may request a paper copy of our Privacy Notice at any time by contacting our Privacy Officer. Dr. Jasbir Kang. You may review and print Patient Privacy Notice on our website under section Patient Portal.


Check if your medication manufacturer has PATIENT ASSISTANCE PROGRAM and if you qualify for it. A patient assistance program provides prescription medicines to patients in need who do not have prescription drug coverage or who are underinsured through either private and/or government health plans. Each pharmaceutical company determines the eligibility criteria for its patient assistance programs. Almost all PAP’s require proof of income; application can be completed by patient or patient advocate. Please visit Patient Portal section to learn how to apply.