Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What services does your practice provide?

A: Our services can be divided in 3 main groups: psychiatric services, psychotherapy services and TMS treatment for depression. Psychiatric services include psychiatric consultations; psychopharmacology; medication management; treatment of depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, ADHD in children and adults; mood disorders; anxiety; eating disorders; psychiatric clearance for employment, psychiatric clearance for gastric bypass surgery; psychiatric clearance for cosmetic surgery; forensic psychiatry, PTSD testing and evaluation; disability evaluation. Our psychotherapy services include: individual psychotherapy, marriage counseling (couples therapy), family therapy, group therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, addiction counseling, loss and grief counseling, children therapy, art and play therapy. In our McMurray (Canonsburg) location we offer TMS Treatment for depression – we are the ONLY practice in Pittsburgh equipped with TMS NeuroStar! TMS treatment is Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation of nerve cells in the brain for patients whose depression cannot be treated with medications.


Q: Do you have therapists?

A: There are currently twelve therapists at Crossroads Counseling and Consulting Associates. Our Therapists…

Q: What age groups your doctors and clinicians cater to?

A: We accept patients of all age groups: children from 4 years old, adolescents, adults and geriatrics.

Q: Where in Pittsburgh area do you have locations?

A: Please visit our Locations page, you can see our locations on the map and obtain driving directions to either of our offices.

Q: Which insurance do you accept?

A: CCCA accepts most major private insurance payers, and government payers Medicare, Medicaid (Allegheny county) and Tricare. Behavioral health is often covered by third party payer so it is always best to check with your insurer if CCCA or your doctor/clinician is in network for your insurance plan and what the coverage level is for mental health services.


Q: I need to know how much money I’ll have to pay when I’m at the office. How will I know?

A: If you have insurance coverage our staff is happy to assist you in checking your benefits prior to your visit. You can request this information prior to the visit to our office. It is recommended that you contact insurance company for specific information regarding plan benefits and authorization procedures. If you do not have behavioral health insurance coverage our practice  offers affordable fee schedule for services, please contact us for the current rates.

Q: Do I need a referral from my specialty physician or primary care provider?

A: Patients may be referred by a specialist or primary care provider, in this case referral is on file and we submit referring provider information to your insurance. If you are self-referred and your health plan requires a physician’s referral please obtain it from your PCP.


Q: What do I need to bring for my first visit?

A: For your first visit please have with you photo ID, current insurance card(s), the insurance holder’s information if not self-insured (name, DOB, SSN), applicable amount for payment, list of current medications,  anything else that you think is related to your current situation.

Q: How early should I arrive for my appointment?

A: You should arrive 30 minutes in advance to your first appointment (New Patient) to ensure that all necessary information is on file at the office and allow our staff time to scan or copy ID and insurance card(s). If insurance coverage information has not been provided prior to visit please be aware that it will be verified before the session. If you have been to our office before please arrive 15 minutes in advance to avoid delays.

Q: I am referred to Dr. Kang from the hospital where he saw me. Is my first appointment in the office considered New Patient appointment?

A: Yes, please provide your demographic and insurance information in advance – over the phone – and arrive 30 minutes before scheduled appointment.


Q: I work during your business hours. Are evening or weekend appointments available?

A: Dr. Kang sees patients Monday-Friday from 10 AM until 7 PM. We do not schedule appointments outside of these hours for psychiatric services.  For psychotherapy services we do offer extended hours, our therapists have appointments available during evening hours and on Saturdays. Work/school absence notice can be provided at the time of visit at no additional charge. For any emergency needs please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

Q: I’d like to have a copy of doctors’ or therapists’ notes. Is there an extra charge?

A: You can request a copy of medical notes and retain it for your records; medical record requests require a processing fee.

Q: I have a question about my prescription. Who can help me?

A: Please call our offices and select option for prescription, if calling after business hours please leave voicemail with your name, medication you are calling about and detailed question. Your phone call will be returned within next business day. If it is an emergency please dial 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.


Q: Do you provide treatment for anxiety?

A: Dr. Kang is a board certified psychiatrist with over 25 years of professional experience. He sees patient of all ages. His area of expertise include but not limited to mood disorders, anxiety disorders, depression, schizophrenic disorders, bipolar disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, personality disorders, ADD/ADHD, autism/Asperger’s/ PDD. If you have a concern about treatment of your specific problem please contact our office via telephone or email.

Q: I seem to have a mental health problem, why does doctor send to me get blood work done? How is that related?

A: When patients take certain medications Dr. Kang is required to monitor blood and/or urine laboratory work or liver tests as it is required by medication safety guidelines or to rule out physical illness that have psychiatric symptoms.


Q: Will doctor give me medication?

A: Dr. Kang is a board certified psychiatrist and can prescribe medications when medically necessary. Medical decision is made after patient evaluation; treatment plan based on diagnosis and other factors. Treatment plan may or may not include prescribed medication.  Dr. Kang may dispense medication samples at our offices; however it is most common that prescription is issued at the time of a visit and can be filled at a pharmacy of your choice.


Q: How long does it take to get a refill?

A: Refill requests are processed within 48 hours excluding weekends; please be aware that a visit to our office may be required prior to issuing refill as we are required to ensure that patient is in active treatment and under monitoring. We strongly recommend contacting our office at least 3 days in advance of needing medication refill.

Q: I am leaving on vacation and I will run out of my meds while out of town, what should I do?

A: Please contact our office in advance to discuss medication refill options, a visit may be required in order to issue a refill as we are required to ensure that patient is in active treatment and under monitoring.


Q: My child’s teachers complain that he is “unruly” at school. What should I do?

A: If your child is experiencing conduct, communication or learning problems at school you may schedule a consultation with school-based psychiatrist or an independent psychiatrist who specializes in child psychiatry. Dr. Kang is currently accepting child patients from 4 years old.  An evaluation/consultation will give you professional explanation and/or clinical diagnosis of what causes the problems in school as well as treatment options.  Please contact our office for an appointment.

Q: Both parents work full time, can   grandmother or a nanny bring child for a visit?

A: In most cases, it’s best if you or your partner attend your child’s doctor visits. This is especially true for complicated issues like behavior problems. It is possible that other relative or caretaker will not be able to answer in-depth questions related to child’s behavior, communication, birth conditions, history of development, problem history.  Relying on a substitute like a nanny or grandparent may mean that information or instructions may be misunderstood or miscommunicated by the time they get to you or that in-depth questions the doctor asks can’t be answered.


Q: When is it a good time for kids to see the doctor by themselves and not have their parents with them?

A: Even though children may seem very grown-up and capable at young ages, they still need the support and guidance that parents can offer. They also don’t necessarily know all of their medical history and problems, and it is important for a parent to be there to provide that information. For any mental health treatment we require parent or guardian consent and presence in the office (not necessarily in counseling session) for any patient younger than 18 years old.


Q: What if medication prescribed to me is expensive and not covered by my insurance?

A: Mental health treatment and medications can be expensive and sometimes are not covered by insurance payers; we encourage you to discuss medication options with Dr. Kang. As a treating physician he can offer an alternative medication covered by your insurance or at lower cost. Many medications are produced in generic form and may provide same or similar pharmacological benefits as brand name medications. Another option is to apply for Patient Assistance. (Patient Assistance is a program subsidized by pharmaceutical companies where they provide medication at low or no cost to patient). Our administrative staff will be glad to direct you to pharmaceutical companies’ websites where you can learn more about Patient Assistance.


Q: I received a billing invoice in the mail. If I have a question whom may I contact?

A: Please dial our office number 724 -942-3996 and select option for billing/insurance questions. You can send payments to the address below or bring your payment to the office. If you have questions about insurance payment or denial you may contact the insurance payer directly.

Crossroads Counseling and Consulting Associates, PC

615 East McMurray Rd  McMurray, PA 15317

Q: Are your fees tax deductible?

A: Yes, our fees are deductible under the medical portion of your personal income tax form. Please make sure that you take your superbill (receipt for your payment) with you after your visit. We will be glad to provide the statement for calendar year in March of the following year. Please keep in mind that tax season is usually busy time for the billing department and contact our office in advance to obtain your statement.


Q: Do you provide services as forensic psychiatrist? Can my attorney hire you?

A: Dr. Kang provides psychiatric consultation in a wide variety of legal matters. The relevant facts and the data or evidence are thoroughly assessed by Dr. Kang within his areas of expertise, and objective opinion is provided. Dr. Kang‘s expert opinion can be provided in form of testimony, report, affidavit, etc. Requester will be billed according to office fee schedule for time spent on reviewing the data, reporting, court time, traveling, etc. Please ask your attorney to contact our office regarding Dr. Kang’s forensic work with your case.

Q: Is my visit confidential?

A: All patients’ visits are confidential; our office HIPAA compliant – personal health information is protected according to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Within the HIPAA guidelines we ask you to sign consent form permitting disclosure of personal information needed for patient care and insurance reimbursement.   Confidentiality is limited in certain situations involving danger to self or others, or a history of abuse of a minor, the elderly or the disabled. Some other extreme rules do apply to limit confidentiality, and such limits to confidentiality will be discussed in the first meeting.


Q: I am more comfortable with married male (or female) counselor or I have highly unusual personal situation which some people find difficult to handle. How do I know I’m choosing the right therapist?

A: Please briefly specify your preferences and/or concerns to our administrators during your initial phone call. They have extensive experience working with our patients and our counselors and will be able to suggest a therapist which is most likely to suite your therapy needs.


Q: How do I know if I am matched with the right therapist for me?

A: Please proceed with your appointment and keep an open mind. Please remember that therapist may ask different questions to gain insight into your problem.  As the therapy continues it is important that you feel connected to the therapist, that you feel safe in your work together and that your therapist has a non-judgmental acceptance of you.  It is also important to understand that the client/therapist relationship is a “work in progress” that carries the imprint of your history.


Q: If I do not feel the connection with my current counselor can I switch between the therapists at CCCA?

A: Yes. Sometimes even when best effort is given by both patient and therapist connection just isn’t there.  Please let us know that you wish to try counseling with another clinician at CCCA. Briefly identifying why you would like to change a counselor would help us to make better suggestion for your next therapist.

Q: How do I know if my problem can be resolved through therapy?

A: While we at CCCA may not “solve” your problem and may not be able to affect stressful life events we may be able to help you become more resilient and better able to deal with your problems. Our clinicians may help you understand the root of the problem and assist you in finding inner strength so you can better manage the issues and circumstances that you are facing. It is not unusual for clients to experience moderate symptom relief after the first few sessions.


Patient Disclaimer & Privacy Notice

CCCA, PC website is designed to help our visitors and patients learn about our services and our practice, mental health and psychiatry. Information on CCCA, PC website is not intended to provide any specific medical advice and we urge you to consult with a qualified mental health or health care provider for diagnosis and for answers to your personal questions. If you feel any of the information regarding mental heal disorders may apply to you please contact out office for appointment.

State and Federal laws require us to maintain the privacy of your health information and to inform you about our privacy practices by providing you with Patient Privacy Notice.
This Notice outlines typical uses and disclosures of health information; your privacy rights as our patient and how to contact us regarding any questions or complaints you may have. You may request a paper copy of our Privacy Notice at any time by contacting our Privacy Officer. Dr. Jasbir Kang. You may review and print Patient Privacy Notice on our website under section Patient Portal.


Check if your medication manufacturer has PATIENT ASSISTANCE PROGRAM and if you qualify for it. A patient assistance program provides prescription medicines to patients in need who do not have prescription drug coverage or who are underinsured through either private and/or government health plans. Each pharmaceutical company determines the eligibility criteria for its patient assistance programs. Almost all PAP’s require proof of income; application can be completed by patient or patient advocate. Please visit Patient Portal section to learn how to apply.